Atiyafa thanks disciplinary forces and people for successful ACP Meeting

Police Minister Robert Atiyafa has commended the disciplinary forces for what he described as ‘excellent security services’ accorded to dignitaries at the recently concluded ACP meeting in Port Moresby.

He also heaped praise on city residents for looking after the international guests, adding that Papua New Guineans have always been culturally receptive. “We may have our own problems, but as Melanesians we have the tendency of looking after our guests. The hospitality accorded to our dignitaries attending the ACP meetings was truly commendable and therefore I must thank the people for being receptive and nice,” Atiyafa said.

The Minister said members of the three disciplinary forces engaged in providing security escorts for the dignitaries performed exceptionally well. “As a leader I am proud of our people because we have shown the world again that we have the capacity and ability to host major international events.”

 He commended the Prime Minister for bringing the ACP meeting to the country and for successfully chairing the session in his capacity as Chairman.

Atiyafa said the recent ACP meeting would also assist the Royal PNG Constabulary to assess and evaluate its planning and preparations for the upcoming APEC meeting in 2018.

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