APEC Haus to be iconic landmark

The new APEC Haus in Port Moresby is predicted to be an iconic landmark which will be recognized around the world.

The prediction was made by Minister for Sports, APEC, and National Events, Justin Tkatchenko, during the ground breaking ceremony today.

Tkatchenko said the unique design of the facility, which resembles a Lagatoi Sail, would rival iconic world sites.

“When you see it from the air, or when you see it from the land or when you see it from a post card or on tv, or on the internet or  facebook, you will symbolise and recognise it as Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.”

“Just like the Sydney Opera House is to Australia,” said Tkatchenko.

Gas exploring giant Oil Search is injecting K125 million from its tax credit scheme with the PNG Government to fund the project.

Oil Search Managing Director, Peter Botten, said it was a pleasure to deliver a long term legacy building for the people of PNG which will be of great use in the future after APEC 2018.

“PNG has been good to us and hopefully we can give something back through this sorts of schemes to PNG.”

“There’s nothing greater that will bring the PNG into the spotlight in its history than the bringing f world leaders.”

“And the APEC House will be a real icon in portraying PNG to the world,” said Botten.

The ‘Lagatoi sail’ design of the building is to symbolize the Hiri Moale Trade between the Motuan and Gulf  people.

The APEC House is part of the Ela Beach Redevelopment plan beginning at the currently built Koki Fish Market all the way to the Paga Ring road.

Cedric Patjole