Anti-PMIZ politician bids for celebrity lawyer’s help

​Parliamentarian Ken Fairweather is hot on the trail of a celebrity lawyer in England to take up the case against the PMIZ project in Madang.

Mr Fairweather says he has emailed famed human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson, asking if he will take up the cause of Madang landowners in their dispute with the PMIZ (Pacific Marine Industrial Zone).

The MP, a member of the PPP group in government and Member for Sumkar, is named among 11 defendants in a case lodged in the court by Trade Commerce and Industry Secretary John Andrias.

Mr Andreas is seeking to prevent the defendants from meeting landowners and doing anything to hinder the US$300 million fisheries project.

The project has been talked about for 20 years and has been linked to three different investors, all from China.

The project has about 216 hectares of what used to be a Catholic mission plantation and will reportedly include the demolition of two Madang Harbour islands to clear the way for scores of fishing vessels going and coming from the project when it gets going.

Mr Fairweather tells Loop PNG that he has sent emails to London=based Australian lawyer Geoffrey Robertson and is awaiting a response.

He and co defendants say their right to free speech and who to talk with are at risk because of the government’s legal action and wish to engage a highly qualified legal expert to defend them.

“He is a busy man and I am still waiting for a response but am hopeful he will take up our cause,’’ the MP says.

The Andreas action is due back in court on July 21.

Meanwhile, Mr Fairweather plans to meet Riwo villagers  tomorrow, at 10am, to discuss issues.