Anne clocks up 35 years with Trukai

As Trukai edges closer to its golden anniversary as a Papua New Guinea company, one of clearest indicators of its rich history within the country is the employees whose own life journeys have been intertwined with that of the brand.

Anne Kewe is Trukai’s longest serving team member, having started her career after graduating from Lae Secretarial College in 1980.

She has since gone on to occupy an array of roles within Trukai, and on Tuesday (19/01/16) marked 35 years since her first day at the company.

For Anne, longevity runs in the family.

“My old family friends and relatives say I am following in my father’s legacy,” she said.

“He worked for Telikom for more than thirty years before he retired and I consider him to be my role model.

I felt motivated to show that a woman could reach similar heights. My engagement with the Trukai brand and how I fitted in made me feel secure helped me come this far. I believe this will be my first and last employer.”

Anne started in 1981 as a secretary to the Distribution Manager, before becoming a receptionist in 1983.

She moved on to the position of Electronic Data Processing Clerk two years later, a move she describes as being one of the more memorable phases of her career.

“My move to the position of EDP Clerk in 1985 was definitely a highlight because Rice Industries Pty Limited (now known as Trukai Industries Limited) introduced its first owned computer into the business,” she said.

“I felt very privileged to be the first computer operator in the business.”

Her other administrative positions included Accounts Payable Supervisor (1997-1998) and Pay mistress/secretary to Personnel Manager/Company Secretary.

Throughout the past decade she has been involved in the Human Resources Department where she worked in Payroll (06-07) and Human Resource Support (07-11) before being promoted to the position of Human Resource Coordinator in 2013.

It was from there that she secured her current post as Employee Benefits Coordinator.

She said adapting to new processes within the company has been challenging but rewarding.

“One challenging part for me was coming to terms with changes in technology,” she said.

“I found the introduction of safety produces quite difficult to grasp initially. Now I am pleased that Trukai has made the safety and the wellbeing of its employees its number one priority.”

Mrs Kewe’s life outside of work has been just as productive, with the former Miss Morobe winner having a strong family foundation to compliment her successful career with Trukai.

After meeting her husband in 1985, she gave birth to her daughter, Alma, in 1988.

Two more children would follow, with the couple welcoming their first son, Sod, in 1995 while their second, Warren, followed two years later.

She believes the key to a strong work/life balance is making the most of what you have, no matter what your situation is.

“The best advice I could give would to always be proud and thankful of who you are,” she said.

“I hope the young women who are completing school realise that education is an important part of becoming successful and that commitment and concentration are valuable traits at this stage of their lives.

If they are unable to find a job, I would encourage them not to give up and treasure their employment when it comes. Loyalty, commitment and a balanced life will lead you to where you want to be within the working world.

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