Anger over village classrooms destruction

Villagers at Gabagaba, Central Province were awakened by a flaming inferno in the early hours of this morning at their primary school.

Orange flames lit up the dark night, as they walked in solemn silence, one by one, to witness flames eat away years of hard work and sweat as a total of four classrooms were destroyed.

Vavine Vere said on Facebook they comprised of three grade 8 classrooms and one grade 7 classroom.

“A sad, sad day for Gabagaba,” she said.

By morning, a wave of anguish and shock swept across the village and extended to those in Port Moresby and around the country.

Last night elders and village law enforcer and former senior police officer Win Henao appealed for calm and for people with information to come forward

Mothers wept in despair, while others expressed anger  and the need for revenge and for the culprits to be caught quickly.

“This is a tremendous loss to the community. I hope justice will prevail,” said Derek Taunakekei.

This morning a village meeting took place to discuss what actions to take.

It’s not immediately known how classes for those affected will be conducted over the coming weeks.