Andrews livid over delay in condom saga arrests

The Deputy Police Commissioner Operations Jim Andrews is very concerned that no action has been taken yet on policemen who forced a young woman to swallow condoms.

LOOP News understands Andrews is very angry as he has not received any reports on the incident and is now preparing to send a strong directive to NCD Police Commander Sylvester Kalaut and Metropolitan superintendent Ben Turi for an explanation.

Andrews believes the case should not be dragged on as there is strong evidence against Boroko policemen.

Andrews also informed Loop News was  that there is no need for the young lady to lay a complaint and that the policemen should already have been identified, arrested, charged and suspended from duty.

Turi also told Loop News yesterday that he would not be answering any questions about the case over the phone and reporters will have to visit his office today for a brief.

Almost four months ago five policemen from Boroko police station picked up a 20-year-old woman along a street at Angau Drive and took her to the police station because they found she was carrying condoms.

There the young woman was physically and sexually abused and forced to swallow 10 condoms.

The policemen had also taken a video of her eating the condoms.

This video went viral after it was leaked onto Facebook. It disgusted many and has caught the attention the international community.

Joy Kisselpar