Amane is new Buimo Jail Commander

New CS Commissioner Bernard Nepo has taken swift action following the Buimo jail breakout by appointing Philip Amane as the new commander for Buimo.

Superintendent Judy Tara who was the jail commander when the jail breakout occurred is been suspended pending an investigation into the incident.

A police team with officers from the CS Headquarters are also on ground to go over the matter.

The Correctional Service Acting Comissioner Bernard Nepo has confirmed as of this afternoon that there are 64 Buimo escapees still at large.

Initially there were 94 escapees; however, 30 have been recaptured.

Of the 30, 12 are confirmed dead while 18 have been seriously wounded.

For now the situation is still tense with Commissioner Nepo further appealing for members of the public to assist by reporting any suspicious people that they spot around the vicinity of Lae city.

Julianna Waeda