All must complete the course: Baki

Police Commissioner Gari Baki wants all five police cadet officers who will undergo training at the Joint Services College at Igam Barracks Academy to learn as much as possible and pass out on a high note.

"I do not want any one of you to be discharged earlier than expected. We have gone through a stringent process of screening our candidates and you were selected on merit and must make the most of it," Commissioner Baki said.

He asked the cadet officers including two women to make the most of it while undergoing their training at Igam Academy.

He said they will be relying on their input after they completed their 18 month course at the JSC and another six months course with other cadet officers back at Bomana School of Excellence.

He said they will be the ones whom they will be relying on in terms of discipline, accountability and management and most importantly, their networking with other disciplinary forces.

Meanwhile, Senior Constable Benny Rungol was promoted to Sergeant.

The Field Promotion was applied to Rungol after seeing the importance of the course as these courses are meant to be mentored or administered by senior Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) or Commissioned Officers.

Bustin Anzu