All boy band set to release their first music video

The first ever music video of the AlterNatives is expected to come out by the end of August, according to one of the member, MacDee.

AlterNatives is an all boy band made up of two rappers MacDee (Douglas Banimbi) and Bonkers (Sam Kopi), singer Steven Bena and their DJ and producer DJ TraVy (Travis Magini).

AlterNatives is working with one of PNG’s new and youngest music producer, Jerry Albaniel, to release the video of their track “It’s Real”.

The HipHop/R&B group had announced this to fans through their official Facebook page earlier this month and posted a trailer of the video only yesterday.

Sharing the big news in an interview with Loop PNG, rapper MacDee furthered on about the song itself.

“The song is airing out issues that are affecting our country so the imagery in the video matches the lyrics. We hope that the public takes something from not only the imagery but also the lyrics,” he said.

Part of the lyrics goes to describe how the “buai ban” imposed by the authorities affects locals.

Selling betelnuts, cigerettes, iceblocks on the sidewalks. Buai ban in POM City streets is taking its toll on us. Majority of customers are all buai consumers. So the income from sales is not like how it was. Some still sell secretly, others can wait patiently to see the fruits of their labour in the long term you see

“That will be the first and hopefully the start of many. We’ve done so with “it’s real” because it’s basically straight to the point and cost-effective. We’ll be launching this soon and we hope to put it out anytime this month,” MacDee added.

(L-R) DJ TraVy, video producer Jerry Albaniel and rapper MacDee

Gloria Bauai