Air Niugini bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on its flights

Passengers carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones will have their phones confiscated on any Air Niugini flight.

The ban takes effect immediately.

“This action is in view of the recently issued emergency alerts by major aviation regulatory authorities stating that the safety issue regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 still persists,” Air Niugini said in a statement.

Samsung recently recalled and replaced all its Galaxy Note 7 following an incident in an aircraft overseas, however, the issue seems to have reoccurred.

“A passenger who owns or possesses a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 shall not be allowed to transport the device in cargo, carry-on bags, checked baggage or carried by the passenger into the aircraft. This prohibition also includes shipping of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices through air cargo on all Air Niugini flights,” stated the airline.

“Safety is always of paramount importance in our operations and we urge our passengers to adhere to safety.”

The complete ban by Air Niugini follows the warning issued by Papua New Guinea Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to passengers of the dangers of carrying the Samsung brand.

“Passengers are also reminded of the need to inform cabin crew when a device is damaged, hot, produces smoke, is lost, or falls into the seat structure,” Wilson Sagati, CASA managing director, said.

“CASA PNG also recommends air operators to ensure that this information is conveyed to passengers and crew.”

(Picture: TechRadar)

Charles Yapumi