Agriculture and Fisheries lack modern IT and logistic: Report

The current challenges facing the agriculture and fisheries industry is the lack of access to modern technology and logistics to drive it.

Despite PNG having an abundance of fertile land capable of growing various agricultural crops and is also home to one of the largest tuna populations in the world, the development of this sector remains stagnant.

‘The Report: Papua New Guinea 2016’ by the Oxford Business Group expects growth in these two areas of the sector based on increasing global commodity prices.

However, there needs to be investment in in priority areas such as infrastructure, technology, and logistics.

The OBG says investments should begin now especially with the current gas projects on the country.

This can be done by re-investing proceeds from the gas and mineral industries into agriculture and fisheries.

This are long term solutions which the OBG encourages for continuous positive economic growth.




Cedric Patjole