Agiru’s lawyers expect decision to go ahead

An expected decision on the legality of Komo-Margarima MP Francis Potape’s purported election as Governor of Hela Province will go ahead as set by the court.

Law firm Posman Kua Asi, who is representing the late governor who passed on yesterday, indicated they expect the matter before the court will go ahead.

Hela regional member-elect Anderson Agiru died yesterday at the Pacific International Hospital after a long illness.

Agiru’s lawyers maintained he is still the court’s stayed member-elect for Hela until decided by the National Court.

A decision of the case is expected next Wednesday (May 4) however, that will now be subject to the court. The decision was deferred from April 22.

Potape was purportedly elected governor of the province by members of the Hela Provincial Assembly, ousting the Hela Regional Member elect Agiru on Dec 29 last year.

On Jan 7, the National Court granted an interim injunction sought by the late Agiru.

Potape and the other members of the Hela Provincial Assembly were restrained by the Court from making any decisions in reliance to the purported election of Dec 29.

To maintain the status-quo, the Court restrained Potape from acting as the Governor and allowed Agiru to continue in his role as Hela Governor until the National Court deals with the substantive issue. 

A trial was held on Feb 19. On March 31, submissions on the substantive issue were done in court.

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Sally Pokiton