Addressing the gap in PNG’s fashion industry

Many creative minds have emerged in PNG, with more exposure on fashion over the years.

This is seen as timely, to feed the growing fashion craze in the country.

But another problem lies, and for someone like Hazel Navaru who once fell in this shoes, there is a need for an institute to fully develop such creativity.

Navaru had to travel all the way to the Philippines to study at the Fashion Institute of Design and Art for two years. Another six months with some of the best designers in the world taught Navaru the real meaning of fashion.

She has been back in the country, designing through her brand hazel, under her company Creative Fashion PNG.

In her two years of practicing as a professional fashion designer, Navaru also identified there are many in the similar situation she had been in.

“I understand the struggle they are going through because to be where I am today, I went through the hard way.”

Navaru has plans to establish an institute that will fill this gap in the country.

The proposed institute will cover all areas of creative fashion and art, including design, music and food.

Using her established network to advantage, Navaru hopes to bring in the best teachers from overseas.

“It’s time we step up and stop looking at other countries. It’s now up to me to make a stand now,” Navaru said.

(picture: some of Hazel's work)

Gloria Bauai