Accused in murder trial expected in court tomorrow

Jiwaka businessman Justin Parker is expected to appear at the Bomana Court house tomorrow (Nov 20).

Parker’s lawyer is also expected to present submissions on behalf of his client following an indication before Magistrate Cosmas Bidar on November 4 at the Waigani District Court.

Also tomorrow, police prosecutions will be given the opportunity to respond to the submissions that will be made by Parker’s lawyer.

Police have completed their investigations in relation to the charge of wilful murder and both he and his co-accused Akai Andekumo, also from Jiwaka, have been served their handout brief files.

43 year old Parker of Minj, Jiwaka is facing allegations of wilfully murdering his chief aircraft engineer, the late Lapan Nason at his home at Gorobe, Badili on June 8.

He has been in custody since June 12 and was refused bail twice by the National Court on June 16 and September 11 respectively.

He was however allowed release on a medical trip into Port Moresby after the District Court on October 2 allowed the release.

He remains in custody at Bomana.


Sally Pokiton