Academic staff declare support for students

University students are not alone; the National Academic Staff Association of UPNG yesterday officially declared its support for the student body.

In an official statement given to Loop PNG, NASA said: “Like many other stakeholders in the country and especially the UPNG student body, NASA is deeply concerned about the economic mismanagement of the country and the need for the preservation and maintenance of the Constitution and the rule of law.”

The association said the principle that each citizen must subject himself/herself to the rule of law, irrespective of economic, power, social and political disposition or persuasion.

“Standing united with its students, NASA therefore calls on the Prime Minister and the Government of PNG to accept and take heed of the students’ petition.”

SRC member Emelda Arabagali told Loop PNG on Tuesday: “Our stance is not to change the Government or tell the prime minister to resign. We’re simply asking him to respect the integrity of the office and step aside to allow for questioning.”

The boycott will continue for an indefinite period, Loop was told.

NASA has agreed to “carry out remedial teaching to support its students”. However, it also cautioned them that prolonging the boycott may render the semester or the entire academic year non-viable, which would lead to the closure of the university.”

Carmella Gware