ABG gives K350 000 to Siwai United Church

The Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) has given K350, 000 to the United Church in Bougainville as part of the government’s drive to recognize churches as an important development partner.

The money given was in conjunction with the 100 years Centenary Celebrations of the United Church in the Siwai District in South Bougainville.
ABG President, Dr John Momis commended the United Church for reaching this milestone in the history of the denomination.
“I remember some of the early United Church missionaries who were in South Bougainville, I pay tribute to these servants of God who came with the purpose of spreading God’s word.

“Bougainville is on the threshold of creating a new socio-economic political order but we are also going through a very difficult time due to financial constraints and raging conspiracy theories that try to discredit the government; I urge the people from throwing in the towel,” said Momis.

President Momis also challenged members of the United Church clergy as well as the other mainline churches to instill Christian values amongst the faithful especially those in positions of power.
“Many politicians today are not well prepared to hold public office, they are Christians by name only, a Christian leader must live by Christian principles; you do not rob Peter to give to Paul, the ends does not justify the means,” said Momis.

Momis also encouraged the introduction of schools to teach leaders Christian principles and values to guide them as they lead their people.
The Centenary celebrations will be a weeklong celebration from the 19-26 September, and is being attended by members of the United Church from throughout Bougainville as well PNG and the Solomon Islands.

Troy Taule