52 refugees to settle in PNG

Fifty two refugees have agreed to settle in Papua New Guinea and are now looking for employment while 178 have yet to decide what they want.

Those that want to settle in the country are now currently residing at the Manus Transit centre but they will not be allowed outside the province unless they are formally employed.

The PNG Migration and Citizenship services have engaged HR company JDA wokman to help source job opportunities for them.

Deputy Chief Migration Officer Esther Gaegaming says this is a requirement under the new National Refugee Policy approved in October by the Government. 

The policy aims to build refugee self-sufficiency and enables them to contribute to PNG’s economic development.

She says for now, the refugees have a Refugee Visa and a Certificate of Identity. This is for them to travel within the country and overseas.

However, for now, they remain will not be allowed out of Manus until they are employed.

Gaegaming says refugees have a right to move around freely and seek protection in Papua New Guinea.

 About 961 asylum seekers at the Lombrum Processing Centre will also be screened before their status’ are determined.

Caption: File Picture 

Joy Kisselpar