5 more charges on policewoman in Condom case

The policewoman implicated in the Condom case has had six charges laid against her over her alleged part in the recorded abuse of a young woman.

NCD Central Police Commander Sylvester Kalaut says that the initial count of deprivation of liberty will stand with five other counts under the charge of committing indecent acts.

The policeman who is on transfer in Nipa, the Southern Highlands, is wanted for his part in allegedly intimidating and threatening the woman but he has gone into hiding.

Kalaut says that the man has been on the run since Sunday morning and police are now searching for him. Meantime police are also after the main suspect who was making false reports to the police.

The woman is being sought by them to answer for fraudulent claims that she was speaking with the victim at the time that police were looking for her. She allegedly led the police on a fruitless chase as well as posting false reports online about the deteriorating health of the victim.

Kalaut says that he will be talking to this woman who was reportedly giving out false information that at one stage hampered the case.

Kalaut says with one arrest and more to come, the police had made a major break but he will not rest until all guilty parties are dealt with along with opportunists who blew the case out of proportion under false pretences.


Julianna Waeda