4 gold for PNG in power lifting

Papua New Guinea power lifters won four gold and one silver in the opening session of the XV Pacific Games powerlifting competition today.

The competition is being held at the PNG Power Dome (Sir John Guise Indoor Complex).

In opening session, the weight divisions of 47kg (women), 52kg (women), 57kg (women) and 59kg (men) lifted the bar to find the champions.

In the women's 47kg, it was a guarantee first, second, finish for PNG as only two competitors were on the card.

Hitolo Kevau grabbed gold and team mate Navili Benson settled for silver.

Kevau lifted a combined squat, bench press and dead lift total of 240kg, and Benson managed 234kg.

In the women's 52kg division, Dobi Mea of PNG won gold (307.5kg) and Febrose Tsiode of Nauru got silver (302.5kg).

And it was a two woman challenge in the 57kg class with Belinda Umang of PNG winning gold (290.5kg) lifting the weights beyond the efforts of Rose Ivy Jones of Nauru (240kg).

Meanwhile, Kalau Andrew of PNG defended his 59kg men's gold medal with a lift of 462.5kg.

Nantei Nikora of Kiribati (460kg) settled for silver and Philipe La of New Caledonia (445kg) won bronze.

The official presentation will be held at 4:30pm..

The second session is currently on.

Charles Yapumi