25,000 dwellings houses affected by cyclone Winston in Fiji

A total of 25,000 dwelling houses in Fiji have been damaged in cyclone affected areas.

A massive rehabilitation is expected to be led by government.

National Disaster Management Office Director Akapusi Tuifagalele who was in Koro island last week  said discussions are still underway however the focus for now is the provision of basic needs and shelters.

He said the rehabilitation phase will take a few years.

“The meetings are continuously done in Suva. We still waiting for all the reports to come in from the Divisional Commissioners on the ground and until we have that as we know now we have about 25,000 dwellings here in Fiji that has been affected but with the detailed sectorial assessments that will be done and by the Commissioners and his team on the ground with the real figure of what is actually damaged and government will be able to work out from there how much rehabilitation and recovery cost that will need to be met to get the community back to normality,” said Tuifagalele.