2011 political impasse still haunting Pruaitch

Minister for Treasury and National Alliance (NA) Party leader Patrick Pruaitch has revealed that the pain of the political impasse in August 2011 is still haunting his heart.

He said this is the reason for NA to support the present Coalition Government and to oppose the no confidence vote in Parliament on Friday.

“Until today it pains me to think of the events that occurred when former Prime Minister Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, NA’s founding foundation member, was thrown out of office. As the record stands today, that was an illegal act which was twice declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.”

Pruaitch said NA had been adversely impacted by those events and it continues to be guided by a belief in the supremacy of the PNG Constitution and the rule of law.

“NA chose to break the political impasse by opting to go to the 2012 election and consequently accepted the mandate of the people. The rest is now history. 

“As such we agreed to join the Coalition Government after a democratic process as expressed in our Constitution so we could play a constructive role in Government even though the new ruling party was a prime beneficiary of the 2011 political coup,” he said.

Pruaitch said in exactly a year’s time, a national election will be held.

“If there is genuine dissatisfaction, many political parties could pay a price. Until then the Government and people of PNG need to manage national affairs in the best way possible through implementation of rational policies and programs.

“A change of Government at this time will create a great deal of political instability, cause most Government programs to slowdown or come a halt and not augur well for the future,” Pruaitch said.


Picture source: www.sbs.com.au

Freddy Mou