12 years jail term for former city rangers

Two men who were formerly engaged as casual City Rangers by the National Capital District Commission have been sentenced to 12 year imprisonment at the Bomana Correctional Institute.

Justice George Manuhu sentenced Kila Samson and Jack Anu to serve 12 years each after he found them guilty for manslaughter.

He sentenced them to 12 years each, however having spent time in remand at Bomana, Samson will now serve 11-years- and-six-months while Anu will serve 11 years-and-10-months in jail.

Back in 2013, both men were engaged as City Rangers at the Gordons Market. On June 15, 2013, they assaulted a man from the Laiagam district in the Enga Province after an argument broke out over a damaged market table.

The man who was assaulted,  Romis Yapu died three days after the incident at the market.

A compensation payment of K5,000 was made to the family of the deceased by NCDC but the public prosecutor told the court  during submissions of penalty sentence that compensation does not deviate punishment for the loss of a life.


Sally Pokiton