1000 women graduated with financial literacy

A total of 1000 women from various settlements in Port Moresby today graduated with certificates after undergoing basic financial literacy course rolled out by PNG Women in Business (WIB).

They are participants of the Givim Han Long Laip Projek, rolled out this year, throughout Port Moresby, from Hanuabada all the way to Gerehu.

According to Felisa Inoino Avou, a trainer and pioneer WIB, the two-today course covered basic awareness of family budgeting, how to sell and to bank to save for the long term.

Avou said majority of the women participants were illiterate which made this particular course roll-out unique from other similar projects.

“Usually, such trainings are carried out for literate women in settlement communities while the illiterate are left out. But for this project, we went out to everyone, to all levels, we did not ask for their school or education,” Avou said.

She explained that while most of them were smart in marketing, they lacked the knowledge to utilise banking services to save, thus spending more than making profit.

“From this training, we could see and identify those who are self-reliant and those who rely on handouts.”

Avou said there’s demand in Central Province which WIB and Ginigoada foundation will send trainers to train more women in the area.

The project will also continue to cover other communities in Port Moresby.

20 trainers of trainer certificates were presented today to enable the project’s efficient rollout.

In addition, the WIB foundation also presented a vehicle purposely for the project.

“We will bring training into their subway and banking into their doorway so that they know that they are valuable,” Avou added.

“We add value to the ladies so they can do anything. Its’ all about going back, networking, and partnering with then and follow-up to see the feedback from each of them,” Avou said.

Gloria Bauai