“Lost generation” to be given an education

The term “lost generation” in Bougainville entails the generation of children who grew up during the Bougainville civil conflict and missed out on getting an education.

Most of them have since married and settled into village life and have given up on education.

But the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) is adamant that these youths and even adults will be given a second chance at bettering themselves.

ABG President, Dr John Momis said that the lost generation have not been forgotten by the government.

“Bougainville must have its own education system that caters for the lost generation as well as people who missed out on getting an education.

“The ABG is working on creating an education system that specifically caters for this group of people, instead of bringing them school we will bring the schools to them.

“There is a need for an increase in our level of basic education so our people become aware of issues so that when there are issues pertaining to Bougainville’s future our people can make an informed judgement on them.

“Of course we must produce doctors, lawyers, teachers and so forth but we must also be concerned of the lost generation, through no fault of their own they were left behind,” said Momis.

Momis said that ABG would now put an emphasis on giving the lost generation an opportunity to get an education.

He said he has already met with the ABG’s Education Minister to ensure that the government’s prerogative on educating the lost generation through the Department of Education is met.

The proposal by the government is to have an education system tailored to suit the needs of the people in rural areas and those that missed getting an education.

“This proposal emphasises the need for more people to have a basic understanding of the political journey that Bougainville is embarking on.

“With a raised level of basic education among its people they will have the opportunity to decide in a democratic manner and discern for themselves what they believe is the correct option for Bougainville, “said Momis.



Troy Taule