‘Super Fish’ Pini still to hit the pool

All eyes may be on the track in week two for sprint queen Toea Wisil and Theo Piniau, but week one of the Olympic Games is where the pool gets its moment in the limelight.

Papua New Guineas super fish and swimming hero Ryan Pini is yet to get in the water for his first heat.

Pini is spending much of his time in the competition pool getting a taste of facility while waiting for his event to unfold.   

The Super Fish is scheduled to swim in the Men's 100m butterfly on Friday August 12, however, the event is yet to be confirmed as he is prepares for anything that’s pops up his way.

The 100m butterfly will be his first heat before progressing into other finals and other scheduled events.

Moreover, three PNG athletes have bowed out of battle including Raymond Ovinou, Thadius Katua and Morea Baru, while Ryan Pini, Toea Wisil, Theo Piniau, Maxemillion Kassman and Samantha Kassman are still in the battle field to raise the Red, Black and Gold emblem.




Lamech Jinimbo