​NGCB launches first housing policy

Staff at the National Gaming Control Board (NGCB) now have the opportunity to own their own home following the launch of its new Housing Policy 2016-2020.

The policy was officially launched in Port Moresby by NGCB chief executive officer Imelda Agon, Prime Minister’s Office chief of staff George Bopi, NGCB chairman Lesley Hoffman and witnessed by the staff.

The policy is a form of incentive to recognise and appreciate the staff for their dedicated and loyal service to the NGCB for many years.

With the government’s initiative to provide affordable homes to all citizens, NGCB also recognises that housing is a basic need and has put forward an important decision to formulate a housing policy as a strategic guide to provide houses for its employees.

Agon confirmed that there are 24 staff that are eligible for this program, based on gender equality.

“I can confidently and proudly say that the housing policy will be structured in a way that all staff regardless of pay grade will benefit,” Agon said.

As criteria, which is the guideline setting the policy, a staff must be employed with NGCB for more than five years and is a permanent employee.

The policy itself contains the guideline of the actual process in terms of applying for a house, eligibility and the level of income.

As part of the policy, NGCB approached the National Government through the Department of National Planning that will be giving the NGCB staff 20 land lease titles.

“This particular lease title will go to the low income earners of the NGCB because it’s difficult for them to buy a house so in that way, we are also participating in the government’s housing program.

“We have given back supporting communities, health, education, different sectors including sports and support the preservation of our rich culture and natural resources.

“I believe it’s time to give back to the dedicated staff of NGCB,” Agon stressed.


Quintina Naime