​Former student dedicates poem to UPNG

The violent confrontation between police and the University of Papua New Guinea students on Wednesday brought shock and grief to the nation.

Parents, families and relatives desperately clung to their phones, praying that the next call would confirm that their children are safe. Friends and loved ones waited with bated breaths, struggling to put on a brave front while their hearts were already bleeding out.

Among them was former UPNG biology student Bruce Horick, who lives in Lae, Morobe Province. Their world came to a standstill while students in Port Moresby ran for their lives.

Horick, who graduated in 2013, put pen to paper to express the heartache he felt.

“I wrote the poem on Wednesday as soon as I heard of the shootings,” he told Loop PNG this morning. “The poem itself took about 10 minutes, but I wrote it after an hour of weeping my heart out for the students.

“I guess I just couldn't understand why the policemen could do that, and that made me write it.”

I Fight For You Too

I fight for you too

My brother in blue

Cold metal in your hand

For your future too I stand

I bleed for you too

Friend in combat shoes

That our kids may grow strong

And joy will be their song

I die for you too

Comrade in sky hue

As you aim death towards me

I'm fighting to set you free

I mourn for you too

My wantok trutru

You follow orders from above

Mine's from patriotic love

I plead for you too

Brother cop, yes you

Our leaders have misled us

And stepped us into the dust

Would you stand with me too?

My blood in navy blue

Reach out and hold my hand

And let us take back our land

(Picture: Youtube)

Carmella Gware