​1010 transferees termed as ‘residents’ in Manus

There are 1,010 transferees now termed as ‘residents’ currently being processed and categorised into three groups at the regional processing centre in Manus.

This was what the lawyer representing the chief migration officer and Minister for Immigration, Laias Kandi, told the Supreme Court.

Kandi returned to court on Tuesday afternoon with a list of particulars, as requested by Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia on June 22, of all transferees brought to Manus from Australia in 2013. 

They have been categorised into three main groups; those processed and identified as refugees, the asylum seekers currently still undergoing processing and those identified as non-refugees.

532 on site have been given refugee status, 359 identified as asylum seekers are still being processed while 67 have been identified as non-refugees.

43 of the transferees are currently in Australia on medical grounds. From this group, 13 are refugees while 30 are asylum seekers still being processed.

Kandi told the court those 67 identified as non-refugees underwent another process known as the merits review process, a process similar to that of general identification that was previously done on them.

From these 67 who underwent the merits review process, 11 have been identified as refugees while 26 of them had their status remain as non-refugees.

Kandi however, said the identification of the transferees in Manus will not be disclosed as they are currently being processed.

Ben Lomai, who currently represents 300 clients in Manus, said the identity of his clients must be protected as well.

Kandi said a number of the refugees will be resettled in Manus or a province of their choosing however, majority of them have refused to re-settle in Manus or PNG and hope to be re-settled in another third country or be sent back to Australia.

Less than 10 have attempted to re-settle in other provinces while two returned to Lorengau after an attempt to settle in other provinces failed.

(Picture: ABC News)





Sally Pokiton