​ Chinese medical advisers deployed to PMGH

Two Chinese advisers have been deployed in the country under the Australia-China-Papua New Guinea Pilot Cooperation on Malaria Control Project.

The first two short-term advisers from China are Dr Li Jin of Shandong Institute of Parasitic Diseases and Dr Liu Hui of Yunnan Institute of Parasitic Disease.

They will be based at the Central Public Health Laboratory (CPHL) at Port Moresby General Hospital for two and a half months working alongside their Papua New Guinea counterpart and CPHL’s Director, Dr Everlyn Lavu.

Dr Jin will take up the role of National Reference Laboratory Adviser and Dr Hui as the Laboratory Strengthening (External Quality Assurance).

They were selected through competitive recruitment by a PNG-China selection panel in Shanghai in June.

The Chinese Government’s contribution to this program is in-kind through technical assistance where Chinese scientists and researchers will undertake targeted placements in Papua New Guinea and local epidemiologists, scientists and researchers will participate in study tours and training in China.

This three year a A$4million (K9 657 092.36 million) program aims to strengthen malaria diagnosis and operational research in Papua New Guinea, through promoting effective cooperation between the contributing countries.

Photo credit: Australian High Commision

Lamech Jinimbo