YWAM teams up with Kwato Church

YWAM Medical Ships signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Kwato Church of Papua New Guinea last week in Alotau.

The purpose of the MoU is to establish a respectful and collaborative working relationship for the purposes of engaging and empowering young people.

Kwato Church have made available to YWAM the building currently referred to as the “The Interdenominational Youth Empowerment Centre.” The property will be utilised by YWAM for a range of training courses designed to help develop character, skills and knowledge - contributing toward the broad goals and principles of the National Youth Policy and the Higher and Technical Education Plan of PNG.

Bishop Dago Walino said YWAM was a vital and strategic partner in helping to develop young people holistically in skills, character and their faith.

“We signed the agreement to ensure that YWAM’s engagement is established to a greater level in the country. The work that YWAM is engaged in is helpful and beneficial to the people of this country.

“We believe as a church, that the training programs that YWAM provides will also benefit and empower our young people to reach their full potential as the individuals God intended them to be,” said Bishop Walino.

YWAM Medical Ships Managing Director, Ken Mulligan, said the signing of the MoU was a positive step toward helping to empower Papua New Guinean young people.

“We’ve been involved in youth development for over 50 years, our heart and passion is to see young people find their purpose and place in life.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside the Kwato Church in achieving great outcomes together,” said Mulligan.

The first programs to commence in Alotau include pilots of two-week introductory seminars covering a range of topics including basic health care, women’s empowerment, micro enterprise and community technology. The training is being delivered in partnership with YWAM - University of the Nations Kona Hawaii.

The YWAM Alotau Campus will attract and include people from all over the world, helping to create a vibrant environment for young people to grow and flourish.

The campus will also serve as a support-base for YWAM’s Medical Ships, serving in remote communities in PNG.

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