Youth Job Corp site visits this week

A team from the Department of National Planning and Monitoring did a site visit through the city on Thursday.

Their visit was specifically to see the city's infrastructures done by trainees under the Youth Job Corp (YJC). 

The Team from DPM comprised of senior monitoring officers including Senior Public Works Engineer of the project, site supervisors, contractors of the various sites in suburbs and project staff.

The visit started off at North Waigani, then to Gerehu and Bomana and other parts of the city where the youth teams are located.

The youth intakes do routine maintenance of road verges and drainage - cleaning and beautifying the city, and extended skills work like block pacing and footpaths.

Since its establishment in 2012 to date, the youth have covered at least 10 thousand kilometres.

This urban Youth Employment program was initiated through the Youth Desk of the National Capital District Commission.

It focuses on disadvantaged urban youths between the ages of 16 and 35 that neither work nor study and who have limited social and economic opportunities.

It’s a pilot Human Development initiative of the government, funded by the World Bank under a concessional loan agreement and implemented by the NCDC as the implementing agency.

The project instils both hard skills and soft skills mostly related to work ethics and personal character. And youth undergo continuous mentoring.

Based on its success, the first phase, supposed to end in 2017, was extended, with additional grant from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 

It is expected to end in October this year.

The DPM team had the opportunity to see this success first hand during the visit.

Gloria Bauai