Women’s council gets help

Ramu Agri Industries Limited (RAIL) is assisting the Usino-Bundi-Gama District Council of Women to carry out a women data survey.

RAIL, through its community engagement office, received a request from the Usino-Bundi-Gama District Council of Women to support them in facilitating their women data survey.

The survey will cover the local level governments of the Usino-Bundi electorate, conducting interviews with women, collating data for women’s livelihood programs, capacity and empowerment programs as well as women’s literacy levels.

RAIL community engagement manager, Diane Mirio, presented 22 t-shirts and safety vests to the council as assistance in conducting their survey.

Council president, Monica Ibiam, thanked Ramu Agri Industries for their assistance and said she is looking forward to a close collaboration with the Ramu gender committee group as they work together in community empowerment programs in the valley.

Press release