Whistling Kite released back into the wild

Port Moresby Nature Park recently released Jackie, a Whistling Kite, back into the wild after the animal was successfully treated and rehabilitated at the park.

Over a year and two months ago, Jackie had come to the park with an injured wing and required immediate treatment. The following weeks turned into months as the park’s wildlife keepers nursed Jackie back to health.

Jackie was not expected to survive but after much specialised care and attention from the wildlife team, the Whistling Kite was on her way to making a full recovery.

Jackie was moved into a larger enclosure that gave her a bigger space to fly. This allowed the wildlife keepers to monitor her flight and continue rehabilitation.

On the rescued bird, Wildlife and Life Sciences Manager, Ishimu Bebe, said: “The animal came to us and had it not been rescued by the park, it would have most likely died but because of the work that the Nature Park does to rescue and rehabilitate animals, we were able to give her a new lease in life.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to release animals back into the wild.”

The Nature Park has rescued, rehabilitated and saved hundreds of native animals over the past seven years. The park plans to expand its rescue and rehabilitation program as it has identified this as a growing need with more and more animals being rescued and surrendered to the Nature Park.

Many of the animals surrendered have been orphaned after their parents have been killed, injured by people wanting to catch them and unwanted pets that people have acquired because they felt sorry for it and surrendered to the park.

Port Moresby Nature Park’s General Manager, Michelle McGeorge, said: “The most important thing is that animals remain in the wild and so its commitment is to rescue and rehabilitate for release.

“The Park is hoping to expand its facilities so that it can also increase its rescue centre services and will be looking for support from the community to help fund that.”

(Jackie the Whistling Kite being released by Ishimu Bebe, Life Sciences and Wildlife Manager)

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