Walk against corruption boosted

The Sir Anthony Siaguru Walk Against Corruption has received overwhelming support from various organisations.

In preparation for the walk, which will take place in Port Moresby on Sunday, June 4, a number of organisations have come forward with in-kind support, showing their commitment towards combating corruption and to ensure the success of the event. 

TIPNG interim executive director, Arianne Kassman, said: “It is always inspiring to receive support from business houses and other institutions when Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) hosts events.

“The Sir Anthony Siaguru Walk Against Corruption is one event that we receive tremendous support ranging from donation of equipment to sponsorship of prizes, volunteers and free expertise. To us at TIPNG, such support portrays the commitment organisations and people have to make PNG a better place.” 

In-kind support for the Sir Anthony Siaguru Walk Against Corruption came from: 

  • Bank South Pacific - Prize sponsorship - 10 Sumatin Accounts
  • BNG Trading Ltd - 30 cartons of Polar water
  • CHM - Prize sponsorship: Merchandise
  • Cord Construction - 4 portable toilets  
  • City Pharmacy Limited - Prize sponsorship:  Merchandise
  • Gateway Hotel - Prize Sponsorship: Family dinner
  • Kina Securities  - Prize sponsorship: Merchandise
  • Lamana Hotel - Prize sponsorship:  K500 drink voucher
  • National Development Bank - Prize sponsorship: Merchandise
  • NCD Traffic Police - traffic control
  • Paradise Foods Ltd - 20 cartons of Trutru Wara & Prize sponsorship: Food hamper
  • POM International School - 5 large tables to use
  • Port Moresby Nature Park - Prize sponsorship:  Park tickets
  • SP Brewery Ltd - Prize sponsorship: Merchandise
  • St Johns Ambulance - First Aid assistance
  • Over 100 volunteers

"We sincerely thank the organisations for their support towards this year's Sir Anthony Siaguru Walk Against Corruption and we call on organisations, schools and families to register and participate in the walk," said Miss Kassman.   

The Sir Anthony Siaguru Walk Against Corruption was introduced in 2007. The event aims to raise funds to ensure the sustainability of TIPNG's operations, and to provide an avenue for organisations and individuals to peacefully demonstrate their opposition to corruption. 

To register a team a team contact TIPNG on 3202182 or 3202188. 

(Left: TIPNG Membership & Events Coordinator, Caroline Webb, and Cords Construction General Manager, Brad Smith, sealing the support. Cords Construction is supporting the Walk Against Corruption with 4 portable toilets)

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