Volunteer appreciates ship for service

​Living in the urban areas and cities, one does not appreciate the services provided until they go into the rural areas where medical drugs are either expired, limited or are treated in deteriorating health facilities.

A UPNG medical student who recently volunteered onboard the MV YWAM ship for her rural attachment program said she saw the reality of service delivery in the rural areas when she became a volunteer onboard the ship.

“Living in the city we take for granted the health facilities we have,” Lydia Dorum said.

“When I went out I saw that there was a big need for health care facilities and supplies along with health workers to provide quality health service to the people,”

It was then that she said she had a sense of appreciation for the work that YWAM was doing, how much they help our people.

Western province was the most challenging she visited. Comparing the geographical setting to the lifestyle of the people, she said they really needed the service.

Common diseases they came across was grille, pulmonary tuberculosis, leprosy, tropical ulcers, malnutrition and diarrhea.

The team also took time to conduct education health awareness in the areas visited.

Birthing kits were delivered to the people and talks on family planning and use of contraceptives were done. “We advocated for the implant,” she said.

“These people are super heroes and to give their life and go live in those rural areas and give the service with whatever limited resources they have.

“I would definitely go back again for another outreach,” she added.

Sally Pokiton