Volcano ash may affect Madang Coast: Governor

Districts along the coast of Madang could be affected by ash and smoke from the Kadovar Island volcano in East Sepik Province.

East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird, said a recent change in wind direction has resulted in ash drifting towards the Biem Island.

He said if this continues, the coast of Madang Province could be affected, including Bogia District and Manam resettlement centre.

Meanwhile, the Governor said they have begun planning for any likely event that Biem Islanders may need to be evacuated due to the effects of the volcano.

“With the change in the wind direction, a lot of the ashes from the Kadovar volcano are falling on Biem Island and towards Manam and Bogia.

“As we look for resettlement options in the future, as we leave the Kadovar people there, we have to start planning for people like in Biem.

“We are hoping to be prepared and start looking at other options,” he said.

(Picture: RVO)

Cedric Patjole