Utame Back-To-School Games

A back to school games was organised by the eight council wards of Utame in Ialibu-Pangia District of Southern Highlands Province recently.

Community leader in Utame, Julius Kimba said the games were purposely organised to empower Utame’s youths during the school holidays.

The finals of the Back to School Games were played on 20th January in Tiri Village.

Kimba said while hosting the games, they had the opportunity to educate people about choosing a good leader in the 2022 National General Elections; a leader who would bring about change to Utame’s disadvantaged.

Utame elite Stanley Liria supported the back-to-school sports event with ten thousand kina, under the Utame Village Development Initiative.

Utame Village Development Initiative has been supporting the LLGs in various capacities including legal awareness, human resource development and sports.

Photo credit: Utame Elites Media

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