Usino-Yal Road Progressing

The contractor responsible for the Usino-Yal road maintenance in Usino, Madang Province is confident to connect the roads before the year ends.

Contractor JV PNG Director, John Bangkok said work is progressing as planned and adamant the road will be completed as scheduled. He said work is progressing well, with just little over 2 kilometers before it reaches the Madang side.

The provincial Works team led by District Administrator, Steven Biko, recently visited and inspected the work progress.

He is happy with the work progress and thanked contractor JV PNG for a job well done. Mr Biko said that it has been years since the villages at Gasual have seen a car driving through for the first time.

He stressed that the community appreciates the efforts of the district administration team and local MP, Jimmy Uguro, with better road network comes the delivery of the basic services.

District Works Manager, Baiyom Bunag said the new road is quarry type, which can withstand the weight of big trucks. Adding that once this pilot track is completed, a proper survey will be conducted for a better road to be constructed opening way for traffic and commuters.

Freddy Mou