TVI launch community hall

The Voice Inc through its CleanGen Innovation Grant has built a multi-purpose hall at the Mercy Quashie Early Learning School.

Recognizing the need to promote education and increase literacy rates within the Seigu Community of Goroka in the Eastern Highlands Province, CleanGen Leaders from the University of Goroka applied for and were awarded a CleanGen Innovation Grant to build a Multi-Purpose Hall at the Mercy Quashie Early Learning School.

The Voice Inc. (TVI), through the grant program, provided funding support of K10,000.00 for the project.

The Mercy Quashie Early Learning School which serves three LLGs within Goroka and also supports the wider Seigu Community as a venue for personal development programs and trainings.

 Speaking on behalf of the Seigu Community at the handover ceremony of the multi-purpose hall, Rev. Daniel Paraide who is Chaplain of the University of Goroka, shared that the hall is the first major development the school and community has seen in the last 10 years.

“We have already planned a number of programs for the community this year which include a Financial Literacy Training, setting up of Sumatin Accounts with BSP and a Personal Viability program. All these programs would not be possible without this multi-purpose hall,” remarked Paraide.

Also present at the handover was Eastern Highlands Community Development Advisor, Siviri Lalave, who thanked The Voice Inc. (TVI) for supporting the project.

She hopes to work closely with Siegu Community and Mercy Quashie Early Learning School, committing to run programs that will benefit women and youth within the community.

The Multi-Purpose Hall is the second project to be led by the CleanGen Leaders of the University of Goroka.

 The students had previously completed a Well-Water Project for the Tarabo Community in 2021.

To date, TVI has supported the CleanGen Student Leaders of the university with a total grant funding of K20,000

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