Tutudesks for elementary students

Having enough desks to cater for every student in rural schools throughout the country is a problem, with students often resorting to using pieces of wood or cardboard to put their exercise books on.

Responding to this need, the Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture, through its Education Partnership Program, developed a desk that is portable, user-friendly and educational at the same time.

The Tutudesk initiative was launched at Wonkings Elementary School in the Babuaf area of Huon-Gulf District, Morobe Province.

Often with the little desks they have, priority is given to the upper primary school students.

For elementary school students, a piece of cardboard or plywood becomes their desk.

The portable and user-friendly Tutudesks offer children their own workstations, creating immediate positive change under any learning condition. The initiative was developed in South Africa by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

These desks feature the alphabet, multiplication table, a ruler, PNG National Anthem and Pledge, and the PNG map listing provincial capitals.

115 Tutudesks have already been distributed to three elementary schools while the remainder of the 2,000 Tutudesks will be given away in the coming months to elementary schools in the Project footprint areas.


Carolyn Ure