Temu opens new faculty building

Educating citizens is one of the most important ways to improve health in Papua New Guinea.

This was stated by the Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Dr Puka Temu during the opening of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences lecture building at the Divine Word University in Madang Province.

In his opening remarks, Dr Temu said educating people enables them to obtain safer jobs, increased health literacy, take preventative healthcare measures, avoid riskier health behaviours and demand better quality health services.

“This is particularly the case for women living in our country, from girls entering youth to pregnant mothers.”

He stated that most deaths that occur in PNG are new born or during the first five years of life.

However, by providing quality education, formal or vocational education, adequate family planning and pregnancy services can break the cycle of death and empower women.

“This type of education would begin providing soon to be mothers with the necessary knowledge to keep her family, future children, and self both safer and healthier.”

He adds that the PNG government is committed to institutions like DWU and that this commitment is not just enough through one off stances such as the celebration of the new lecture buildings.

“This year we provide funding and support for the university to assist in teaching and learning. It is a commitment that goes on in a partnership spirit from the government to DWU, investing in the knowledge capability of Papua New Guineans thus creating opportunity in many different ways.”

Annette Kora