Teacher raises concern for students concentration

Student concentration in school have dropped, says Hane Charlie.

Charlie is the principal of Ted Diro Primary, one of NCD’s best performing school.

Sadly, this year, the school saw only half of its grade 8 students making it through to grade 9.

Charlie says this was not the case in previous years.

And while she blames this on teacher absenteeism and the development of students from stage to stage, she adds that many students this year were average and below average.

The poor grades, she says is because of lack of concentration by students.

Charlie said there are many factors to this, but the main being the introduction of phones.

Her concern was that students were more connected to their phones and other activities.

“From my school, I saw that only one quarter of the students showed interest in education. The rest just did not care. They waited until the last minute to put effort,” she said.

She says Ted Diro will have to toughen its disciplinary actions next year, to keep its students in line.

She said part of the work is also for the parents to see their children focus on their education.

“Home environment has to cultivate this interest,” she said.

The school is committed to see better results in the coming year.

Gloria Bauai