Successful outcome from Rigo’s men, boys fellowship

A combined fellowship for men and boys was held for the Goulubu and Gabone villages in Rigo district, Central Province.

On the 30th of August, the men/boy fellowship of Gabone Emmanuel United Church travelled to Goulubu village and were greeted with a heart-warming reception from their peers at the Goulubu United Church.

MB coordinator for Gabone, John Iru, said it had been four years since the last combined fellowship and Goulubu was a great comeback.

Gabone MB donated K5,000 to Goulubu MB while a flagpole was given to signify their friendship.

Goulubu Pastor, Reverend Don Aba, said it was an honour to share the Word of God with another village and was delighted to see more young men participating in church activities.

He said the women’s fellowship was progressing and it was time for men to take their stance and show God’s love through fellowship. 

Men/boy chairman for Gabone, Kakasi Sei, said the group’s membership had increased from 40 to more than 100 men and boys. Furthermore, a noticeable change was noted in the behaviour of the youths.

Goulubu initially travelled to Gabone in early August and had fellowship, feasted and gifted Gabone with K2000. 

Through the combined fellowship, both villages built strong bonds and are now recommending that their womenfolk do the same.

(Article and picture: Jasmine Iru – final year UPNG Journalism student)

Jasmine Iru