Successful EMPNG, Central govt partnership

Partnership between ExxonMobil PNG and Central Provincial Government Administration continues to play a key role in service delivery in the LNG impacted communities of Porebada, Boera, Papa and Lealea in Hiri district.

This was revealed on June 22 at a PNG LNG project advocacy workshop between ExxonMobil PNG officials and provincial management team, consisting of senior managers in the Central Provincial Administration.

Deputy Provincial Administrator Marina Faiteli told the meeting that from the past engagements since 2013, sectors and divisions in the Central Provincial Administration are working together with ExxonMobil PNG.

“I’d like to challenge my officers in Central to take ownership of this program and let’s not depend on our partners to come and keep pushing us on what to do.

“These programs are aligned to National Government policy and laws that govern us to partner with these stakeholders,” Faiteli said.

“We are here to learn and have that desire to work with you and partner you and be able to deliver basic services to our people in Central Province.”

While on the same occasion, senior official of ExxonMobil PNG, Sisa Kini, also presented a gift of a second-hand laptop and a desk top to Hiri District Education superintendent, Mary Kasokason, whom ExxonMobil PNG has been working with for the last four years in delivering education services to the impacted communities in the LNG project site.

Kini said they admire her perseverance, leadership and commitment to the education sector in Hiri District.

Kasokason, in receiving the gifts, thanked the company for recognising her work and also highlighted four priorities of the education sector in the district and they are;

  • Supervision - for inspectors to go out see the standards of the schools
  • Office management – there must be office conducive for teachers
  • Access – All the schools should have good facilities for children to learn more
  • Capacity building

“These are the four priorities of the government, so we are working together to achieve indicators of the government.”

Hiri district has 34 primary schools, 63 elementary schools, 1 high school and 3 secondary schools.

Together with the Central Provincial Administration, the National Education Department and ExxonMobil, a document was also put together called “School board of Management training manual”.

Kasokason said this training manual was written by four schools in the LNG project impact communities in the Hiri district, facilitated by provincial education senior officers and endorsed by the Education Department and Central Provincial Administration.

The document will be rolled out to partners like Kokoda Foundation and others to be rolled out to various school boards.

(From Left; Mary Daure, ExxonMobil, Gaile Gaoma, Provincial Education Superintendent-Operations, Mary Kasokason Hiri District Education Superintendent, Sisa Kini ExxonMobil, Marina Faiteli, Deputy Provincial Administrator Economic Sector, with the School Board Management training manual and Debbie Maraki, ExxonMobil)

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