SME Helps Youth

Des Yaninen has been at the forefront of the SME line for a while now and has helped numerous people to gain benefits through this venture.

Being the president of the PNG MSME Council, he has been the voice advocating the development of SME in PNG for over a decade now.

Having begun his career in finance in 2005 and in years after that has built a field of knowledge in how better to assist individuals in the SME sector.

He said every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship.

Just recently he met with youth leaders from all over NCD in preparing to roll out the Financial Literacy for Youth (FLY) SME program starting in Port Moresby then to other centers. “We can turn our school leavers and unemployed youth into business owners.”

Des looks forward to the citywide roll-out strategy for youth to get into SME and driving the economic empowerment agenda for the people.

With the FLY program, Des Yaninen believes that SME is the only hope for our PNG youth. In a post he said, “Don’t give people fish. Teach them how to fish and they can feed themselves. With limited opportunities for youth to find employment or continue their studies after Year 12 or even Tertiary education, SME is the only option for them.”

Photo credit: Des Yaninen

Carol Kidu