Sharing lunch with Cheshire Homes family

The Institute of Business Studies’ management and staff, as part of its Community Service, dedicated their Sunday afternoon to sharing lunch with disabled persons at the Hohola Cheshire Homes.

It was a well-spent midday for staff who took the time away from their families to share their love and happiness of family with the Cheshire Home family.

IBS chairman and founder, Sir Mick Nades, and wife Jenny Nades, with the help of staff, organised cooked meals and drinks to serve to the children at the Homes.

Nades was delighted that IBS staff joined in the Sunday lunch and acknowledged carers for their heart in caring for disabled children without homes and families.

“We should all thank God for blessing us with our families and for giving us able bodies to move around and live normal lives as humans,” said Nades.

“At IBS, we treat each other as family as it is good to share your blessings with other people and this is one example of what we practice at the Institute of Business Studies.”

Apart from giving gifts and serving the children, it was an enjoyable Sunday afternoon where IBS staff sang along to songs played by the children and offering thanksgiving for the life we all are blessed with. 

In a statement, the Institute said being socially and culturally responsible helps us to conduct ourselves ethically and sensitively while contributing to the development of our nation.

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