Second day of celebrations underway

About 20 youngsters braved this morning’s rain in Kavieng Town and participated in a swimming and long distance race as part of the provincial day commemoration.

The participants, mostly teenagers and youths, started the course from Nusa and swam all the way to the town market.

On shore, the swimmers got into their running gear and gunned off for the 3.5 kilometer run, where they were cheered on as they passed each station.

The contestants finished at the main festival oval at the court house field and they will be awarded medals later this afternoon.

It's a slow start today for the second day of the New Ireland Provincial Day celebrations following the main commemoration and fireworks last night.

Even after the celebrations during the day yesterday, the streets were still lit up in their provincial colours with the festive mood still lingering in the air.

Today's events include cultural festival and family games like greasy pole, greasy pig and tug-of-war.

Carolyn Ure