School Receives Desks

Grade six (6) students of Goilanai Primary School in Alotau, Milne Bay Province, will no longer sit on the floor during class or be sent home due to leaking roofs on a rainy day.

BSP Alotau Branch has supported the school with a new multi-sport court, sporting equipment, 46 new double-seater desks and renovated its double classroom that houses two grade six (6) classes. The assistance is part of its 2021 Community Project initiative.

School Headmaster Eugene Awilo in expressing his gratitude towards BSP Alotau Branch said, “Goilanai Primary School is the only level seven (7) primary school in Milne Bay which is being prepared to be converted to a junior high school to cater for the 1-6-6 education structure.”

“The project is timely for the school and we thank you for showing that BSP does care and continues to support children’s education development by giving back to the community. It is truly the people’s bank,” added Awilo.

Branch Manager Martin Gilo, in handing over the project said BSP is proud to implement such a worthy project that has direct impact on the community.

“We’ve delivered 13 Community Projects since 2009 totalling over K305, 000 to date and will continue on in the years to come. It is our way of giving back to the people of Milne Bay Province,” said Gilo.

BSP Alotau Branch was established 38 years ago and BSP has two sub-branches in Padipadi Estate in the Suau District and on Losuia in the Trobriand Islands. Together they service the province’s four districts. 

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