Santos donates to relief efforts

Australian Energy Company, Santos, has donated K600, 000 kina to assist the funding of logistic support for the distributing of aid in the earthquake impacted areas.

The funds were donated on Tuesday through the Oil Search Foundation by PNG Country Representative, Ces Iewago.

Santos Country Representative, Ces Iewago, officially announced the US$200, 000 funding through Oil Search Foundation on behalf of Santos CEO, Kevin Gallagher.

Iewago said Santos is making the donation through the Foundation due to its initial response in the aftermath of the earthquake.

He said Oil Search efforts to make over 87 supply drops with nearly 50 tons of food, shelter and medical supplies was tremendous.

Iewago highlighted the donation of K3 million made to the Tari Hospital last year to improve health service infrastructure, along with OSL with K2.2 million.

So far through the Oil Search Foundation, temporary health centres have been set up in various communities affected by the earthquake while medivac have also been conducted since the 7.5 magnitude earthquake.

Oil Search Foundation Executive General Manager, Stakeholder Engagement, thanked Santos for the donation and said the funds will be used in a prudent manner.

Santos energy holds a 13.5 per cent stake in the PNG LNG Project and several licenses   in the Papuan, Gulf, and Forelands.

Cedric Patjole