Salesians meet for retreat

A Spiritual retreat held for the confreres from 27 June to 2 July this year was described as Reflective, Inspiring and Evangelizing.

The focus of the retreat was to enable the participants to ‘listen, reflect and reach out to evangelize’ all those they encounter. The 17 participants also included a diocesan priest and a Sister of Jesus. Three additional confreres joined the retreat online.

Fr Gregorio Bicomong, Provincial Superior of the vice-province was the preacher of the retreat. In his opening talk, he invited the participants to spend time away from all distractions: “Stop, listen and reflect on what God is calling each one of you to do”, he said.

All the participants appreciated the retreat as the set up contributed to a fruitful event with multimedia presentations, handouts, discussions and sharing of experiences.

“The talks and the presentations were powerful and clear with the aid of videos and slides. It was a good follow up of what was on screen that kept us pondering the entire day. The work of the Emmaus staff and good weather also contributed much to the positive atmosphere of the retreat.” Fr Angelo Fazzini, sdb said.

Lectio Divina or divine reading is a popular monastic practice used for Scripture reading and prayer. At the retreat, the Lectio Divina was filled with information and each one had a lot of room for reflection.

The retreat has contributed to enriched meditation and prayer that intends to promote communion with God and to increase the knowledge of God's Word.

“The retreat has been a challenge that has helped me understand my mission. Despite the many difficulties, the Salesians still move on, because we know that: ‘It is not my will, but the will of God be done! We pray for strength to take up the chalice with hope and assurance” said Fr Joseph Tinh.